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ALVeg Sponsor Logo 2019A big congratulations to these finalists.
Artisan Local Vegetarian / Vegan Product of the Year:

Sponsored by Daily Bread Cooperative Northampton.

Chocolate & Cherry Cake with Coconut Cream
Sol Haven CIC, Moulton.

Cocoa Caramel Popcorn
What's Poppin' Corn, Northampton.

Creamy Leek and Mushroom Pie
Butlers Pie Company, Brackley. 

Savoury Crumble Pie
The Moulton Pie Company, Moulton.

Stanwick Blue
NeneView Dairy, Stanwick.

Sweet Potato, Spinach & Tomato Pie
Sol Haven CIC, Moulton.

Zucchini and Walnut Cake
SophistiCake Creations, Northampton.




thumb photo MRZucchini and Walnut Cake - SophistiCake Creations
I am an American and grew up in Kansas. I have very special childhood memories going to see my Grandma Ruth, where her house would be filled with smells of freshly baked bread and cake. She and my Grandpa, also used to have a big garden and grew tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and the biggest zucchini you ever saw!

Once I moved to England, I quickly found a good way to start a conversation with newly made friends was to offer a homemade cake. Baking soon became a passion for me, 

and in 2012 I left my office job at a local primary school to become a registered baker. I soon realised the importance of catering for special diets and one thing I found was there are sometimes limited choices for vegans. So after spending hours in the kitchen experimenting and in honour of my Grandma, my Vegan Zucchini & Walnut cake was born.

zucchini walnut cake










The loving chef

Chocolate & Cherry Cake with Coconut Cream  & Sweet Potato, Spinach & Tomato Pie - Sol Haven CIC

As long as Natasha can remember all she ever wanted to do was create passion, texture, colour and taste on a plate and to see peoples delight as they experienced their first mouthfuls of her truly exquisite food. It all started around the age of 10 with Natasha running a small chocolate business supplying local catering businesses with sweet delights.
Taking this passion into higher education, Natasha went on to be trained as a Michelin chef and qualified in Cambridge. Her highlight during this time was when she had the honour to serve Steve Hawkins, Lady Diana, Daley Thompson while working in Trinity College and various other hospitality arenas around the country.
At the age of 28, Natasha became a restaurateur serving local communities homecooked traditional menus, private parties and outside catering on a large scale, including VIP tent on race days in Newmarket for thousands of guests a day. She took a change in direction around 2003 and became Senior manager of a seafood bar at Stansted airport for Caviar House and Prunier - the market leader worldwide for its unique selection process and the high quality of its caviar, serving thousands of people, kilos of caviar and popping hundreds of champagne corks a day. During this period, she further trained at Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne in Switzerland - widely renowned as the best hotel management school in the world.
With a short gap in the hospitality the passion and desire to help others, never waned and her most recent venture is as The Loving Chef, offering TLC for your Soul was created.
The Loving Chef’s mission is to nourish, heal and rejuvenate through food, and Natasha now shares her knowledge and wisdom combined with spiritual eating habits to the world, through keynotes at Vegan Life Live events, attending events with a stall in local areas, blogs and social media and cookery demonstrations and one to one lessons.

Natasha’s other interests include offering an open community farm in Moulton and eco therapy for the less advantaged, vulnerable including the homeless. With nearly an acre of land, she loves to harvest, prepare, cook and serve in the shortest amount of time, therefore offering the most nutrients and flavour in the dishes she prepares.
In addition, Natasha and her partner Sammuel have recently created a social community pop up café in their yurt – offering intimate gatherings around the table sharing conversation, love and laughter and plant-based food.
Natasha Samuel Cakes 7266 Sweet Potato Spinach and tomato Pie








moulton pie2Savoury Crumble Pie -The Moulton Pie Company

The Moulton Pie Company “None of yer muck”. This was the slogan Mark wanted to use when he first began because he only includes ingredients which add flavour and quality to his food. He thought better of using it, even though it remains his policy.

The Moulton Pie Company began in 2013 when Mark Stevens began his quest to make a Pork Pie to match his childhood memories. His attempts were so successful with friends and neighbours he formed the Moulton Pie Company and started to sell to the public. Following this success, he began experimenting with other fillings, his only criteria being taste, texture and flavour. One of these was the Leek Stilton and Potato Pie which scooped a 2* Great Taste Award, runner up in the Carlsberg Northamptonshire Food Awards and a British Pie Award.

He continues to try new, exciting flavours and came up with the Savoury Crumble partly in response to customer’s and friend’s requests for a pie suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but mostly just because he wanted to make another delicious tasting pie. This pie has two versions, the vegetarian which uses the traditional Moulton Pie Company Pastry (using eggs from our hens) and the vegan which has pastry without the egg.

Mark considers this pie to be a delicious treat for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.
moulton pie1moulton pie3


Update on the survey in regards to Ecover products.

In December 2018, SC Johnson acquired Ecover. It is not a secret that SC Johnson do test on animals. But Ecover's own policy states that none of their products are tested on animals.
(Source )

SC Johnson Statement differs as they do carry tests on animals as per countries regulations.

We did a online poll which the final question asked - if customers would change their buying habits based on the information available , 82.1% said yes. 
The survey in the shop it was 54%

Many comments made in the poll that customers were happy if there were alternatives available.

So we have decided in light of the results and customer comments to stop selling Ecover in the shop and online.
We will be in the process of replacing Ecover products with alternatives brands such as Bio D and Ecoleaf and other brands over the next few weeks. In many instances alternatives are available already.

This process may take a little time, as we sell our remaining Ecover Stock and source alternatives. We aim to ensure our household cleaning range will include any particular product customers may require.
All of our refillable products are already alternatives to Ecover.


We are conducting a poll from our valued customers to find out whether in light of what we know if we as a business should continue to support Ecover.

If you are unable to complete the form (Google account required) we do have forms in the shop as well.



Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Co-operative Congress held in Manchester on the 21st & 22nd June this year is the co-operative sector’s annual conference, when members, directors, activists and CEOs from cooperatives large and small come together. Congress brings together those working to build a fairer economy to share ideas, get inspiration and take action.

Part of the Congress is recognising co-operatives and individuals within the movement.

Roger Sawtell lifetime co-op achievement awardTwo new awards, a record number of votes and six winners – the Co-operative of the Year Awards 2019 have been another phenomenal celebration of the power of co-operation.

With more than 33,000 votes cast, the winners were awarded their prestigious prizes at a gala dinner at Co-op Congress, celebrating its landmark 150th year.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, said: “The Co-op of the Year Awards is always a special occasion. And once again, a raft of worthy winners have taken home their coveted prizes. They – and all our nominees – are an outstanding example of how working co-operatively creates opportunity and prosperity and grows the economy at both the national and local level.”

Of particular note for one of the new awards, Roger Sawtell who lives in Northampton was announced as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Over the years, Roger has founded many co-ops, including ICOM (which merged into Co-operatives UK), ICOF, which is now Co-operative Finance, Daily Bread Co-op and Trylon. He still promotes co-operative ideals and has convinced many companies to convert to being co-ops.

John Clarke Member of Daily Bread Co-operative a wholefood store on the Bedford Road was at the conference to receive the award on Roger’s behalf as he was unable to attend. John has said that Roger’s work ‘ has inspired him and driven his passion for co-operatives’.

Nick Matthews the Chair of Co-operatives UK will be coming to Daily Bread at noon on Tuesday 2nd July to meet Roger and hand the award to him in person.

Daily Bread welcomes past and present workers as well as customers to attend, and there will be a small selection of foods to sample.

coop manchesterrogersawtell




  for more details of the awards.


Food awards logo

... And the winner is ...

Well, we believe all that entered were winners but at the award dinner on the 7th November, the awards went to -

The Winner

The Squire; Potato, Cheese, Spinach & Onion Pie - Miss Millie's Pies, Most Marvellous Baking

Runner up

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich - Connie's Tea Parlour, Sara Jayne Catering, Holdenby.

Congratulations to all. 



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